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CreeCréé’s Exciting Product Launch at Classroom Créé New York with Gianluca Montebello and Maggy Betances’s Hair Shows

Créé’s Exciting Product Launch at Classroom Créé New York with Gianluca Montebello and Maggy Betances’s Hair Shows

Excitement buzzed through the air as Créé, the trailblazing beauty brand, unveiled its latest lineup of revolutionary products at the prestigious hair shows hosted by none other than Gianluca and Maggy. With anticipation reaching a fever pitch, attendees were treated to an exclusive glimpse into the future of hair care and color.

Gianluca Montebello and Maggy Betances, renowned for their expertise and passion for all things hair-related, took the stage to introduce Créé’s newest creations. Montebello provided invaluable information about each product, detailing its unique features and benefits. From cutting-edge styling tools to transformative hair treatments, Créé’s new offerings promise to revolutionize the way professionals approach their craft.

But the excitement didn’t stop there. As a gesture of appreciation for the support of hair professionals, Créé distributed samples to attendees. These gift bags contained a curated selection of Créé’s latest products, allowing hair professionals to experience the innovation firsthand.

As the hair shows unfolded, attendees experienced the versatility and performance of Créé’s products showcased on stage. From sleek, straight styles to voluminous curls, each look demonstrated the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship behind Créé’s brand.

For those unable to attend the hair show in person, Créé ensured that the excitement extended beyond the event. Through social media and online platforms, they shared highlights and exclusive insights, inviting beauty enthusiasts from around the world to join in the celebration of innovation and creativity.

With groundbreaking products and a commitment to empowering hair professionals, Créé continues to inspire professionals worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates from Créé as they continue to push the boundaries of possibility in the beauty industry.

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