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Créé is no exception

In French, the verb “Créer” means “to create.” It’s only fitting because that’s exactly what we intend for our hair stylists to do: create a beautiful work of art using Créé (pronounced “cray”) professional haircolor.


Hairstylists choose Créé for natural, reliable haircolor. It was developed for your client, not runway models or celebrities. Just real people who want real results. Our formulations were designed to make it as easy as ever for your client to leave impressed each and every visit. Créé haircolor is effective on all hair colors and textures.

Créé haircolor is based on innovative technology


A new scientific method developed to formulate haircolor shades that provide full, even coverage that lasts using a minimum concentration of dyestuff.


Excellent color durability & gray coverage
• Protects & strengthens the hair fiber
• No scalp irritation*
• Bright, natural results in calibrated colors
• Hair is left exceptionally soft with
improved comb-ability

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